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Rhythmosaic Dance Therapy  is an organization striving for the excellence in practice of movement psychotherapy and is one of the foremost organization promoting and practicing movement psychotherapy in India. 

Rhythmosaic National Creative Arts Therapy Week 2019 

A three day workshop on Release Method for Stress Management was organized by Rhythmosaic Dance Therapy from 22nd-24th June 2018.

The workshop on release method, came to its completion  with some beautiful communal movement experiences as the entire group flowed as one, all connected to their breath as well as the group energy reverberating in the space.

There were some reflective discussions on stress, anger and the art of letting go and releasing. Mrs Mira Kakkar, a professional storyteller summed up the entire experience in the end by engaging all the participants in a thought provoking story.
A big thank you to Prasanna Saikia, the associate director of Rhythmosaic school and dance institute for conducting this workshop and helping the participants reconnect with their bodies and more importantly their breath.