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Rhythmosaic National Creative Arts Therapy Week 2019 from 27th March 2019- 9th April 2019 at various venues in Kolkata. 

National Creative Arts Therapy Week 2018

National Creative Arts Therapy Week 2017


Celebrated by-- Rhythmosaic Dance Therapy Section
Rhythmosaic – Dance Therapy Section, the therapeutic wing of the institute aims to promote and aware people about movement therapy as a vocation and its various perspectives. As a form of expressive therapy, D/MT tries to establish the relation between movement and emotion with mind body connectivity.
Like the year 2015, where Rhythmosaic Dance Therapy Section promoted Dance/Movement Therapy (D/MT) through awareness programs, seminars and organizing sessions at various places like Add life Caring Minds, Kolkata, Pradip Centre For Autism Management, Kolkata, Basanti Devi College, Kolkata, Ahuja Museum For Arts, the year 2016 aimed to focus more on specific use of D/MT in various areas and fields of work through D/MT. 
The celebration started like this: ----
On 18th March 2016, a seminar was organized on D/MT where the focus was to understand the utilization of D/MT in various fields such as--
1. Concept of Disability
2. D/MT on Substance Abuse. 
3. D/MT in Rehabilitation Center
4. D/MT for arthritis. 
Overall perspective of D/MT was given to all the participants. The whole program was supported and organized by Rhythmosaic Dance Therapy Section in association with New Mission, Kolkata.
The Papers Presented were:
• D/MT and its perspectives – Shayori Mitra (Foundation Course Student, D/MT 2015-16)
• D/MT in Rehabilitation Centre – Baishali Mukherjee (Foundation Course Student, D/MT 2015-16)
• D/MT on Substance abuse- Dr. IndudipaSinha, Associate Dance Therapist, MBBS. 
Paper Presentation on D/MT and Substance Abuse
• D/MT on Arthritis – Ms. Bidisha Saha, Associate Dance Therapist and Rehabilitation Psychologist.
Paper Presentation on D/MT and Arthritis

On 19th March 2016,a workshop was conducted by Ms. SubhaLihala, practicing dance therapist and psychologist at Julian Day New Mission School for Parents with special child, emphasizes on Stress Management and coming out of the dullness of day to day life activity.    
On 20th March 2016, a Seminar was organized at Weavers Studio Center for the Arts emphasizing D/MT for dealing with adults coming from NGO called UDAYAN working dealing with Adults less privileged and supported by concerns for self-development and education in the society.  The sessions were conducted by AngiraChakravortyDasgupta, Associate Dance Therapist. 

On this same day Ms. Baishali Mukherjee conducted workshop on D/MT at a Rehabilitation Centre Ashwashdealing with Substance Abuse and Drug addiction.    
On 21st March 2016, a workshop was conducted at Calcutta Samaritan for less privileged children using D/MT as a tool by Ms. AngiraChakravortyDasgupta&SubhaLihala. 

From 11th-13th April, 2016, a workshop was conducted on FELDENKRAIS METHOD by MICHEL CASANOVAS Organized byRhythmosaic Dance Therapy Section&Pradip Centre for Autism Management& supported by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).The whole program is affiliated by Rehabilitation Council of India.
Michel Casanovas, a renowned movement Practioner came from France, Europe and conducted the workshop. He enlightened the participants with Feldenkrais Method which is an advance procedure for Movement Therapy. A three Day Workshop on Dance/Movement Therapy - and its importance in developing Communication and Body Attitude in Developmental Disability, like Autism, Mental Retardation. 
The topics that were discussed were—
• Dance/Movement Therapy on Developmental Disability byDr. Mitul Sengupta
• Importance of Counselling in D/MT byDr. Mallika Banerjee
• Sensory Integration & Motor Ability byDr. Santosh Kumar